At last, a bit of peace! I believed that nothing could stop my Westie barking but the anti-bark collar really works..
Mrs J.F. Swindon.
The remote control puffs air under his chin at exactly the moment the bad behaviour occurs - fantastic for training.
John H. London
No more pulling - what a relief. It is hard to believe that such a simple idea as the head collar could be so effective.
Jane W. Cumbria

Remote control spray collars

Masterplus pro dog training collar Masterplus Pro
MasterPlus uses a remote controlled spray activated at the instant the undesirable behaviour occurs. A spray of gas is released under the dogs chin
Jetcare Pro
A simple to use collar triggered by remote-control spraying harmless, odourless, cold gas aimed at the dog's neck, suprising him and distracting him from whatever it was you didn't want him to do
Petsafe remote control spray collar Petsafe remote control
Press a button on your remote and the collar releases a small burst of lemon-scented mist near the dog's snout
Innotek remote control spray collar Innotek Spray Commander
Uses a harmless spray to condition your pet toward proper behaviour. It is totally waterproof so your dog can jump into ponds etc without damaging the collar
Remote control collars